About the programme

TalkLab's Better Conversations programme aims to improve the sometimes complex, three-way consultations doctors have with young people and their parents. A series of workshops were held to explore what is working, what isn't and why – as well as all of those things that go unsaid. We brought together young people, their parents, paediatricians and specialist nurses, so that all sides of the story could be voiced and heard equally.

These voices were condensed into three brief films and one concise written list of tips and recommendations, also known as “The Take Away”. The Take Away summarises the key points to include in your next consultation, as well as some simple experiments everyone can try based on what paediatricians have since found to be transformative in their practice.

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The Better Conversations design team

Paul Craddock, Film-maker (Smart Docs) & Cultural Historian

Bartek Dziadosz, Film-maker (Smart Docs) & Media Theorist

Helen Filali, Project Co-ordinator

Martin Fischer, System Dynamics Consultant

Sara Hamilton, Project Lead, Paediatrician, Whittington Hospital

Becky Hewitson, Evaluation, Imperial College Healthcare

Kit Huckvale, Evaluation, Web Authoring, Imperial College London

Mark Larsen, Web Authoring, Imperial College London

Chris McRobbie, Graphic Design & Creative Consultant

Angela Robson, Writer & Producer

Workshop participants and generous contributors

Shekirah Mclaurin
Fiona McQuaid
Charlotte Mensah
Isabel Mensah
Araba Mensah
John Moreiras
Deborah Morris
Frances Morrison
Annum Mughull
Khrishnaharan Muthukumarasamy
Kaylah Nabena
Kierah Nabena
Winnie Nabena
Huy Nguyen
Gaby Nnochiri
Jacquie Nnochiri
Stella Odumade
Kaliste Oh
Jedda Oyenuga
Jenny Pallawela
Jennifer Patel
Neeta Patel
Philippa Prentice
Pemantah Sandheeah Ramdeny
Andrew Robins
Damian Roland
Karen Russell
Terry Segal
Tejshri Shah
Krishni Singanayagam
Seema Sukhani
Zia-ul-haq Tahir
Zara Todd
Roshni Vadher
Will Warburton
Lauren Waterman
Mando Watson
Jonathan Weber
Latiya Williams
Dolores Williams
Caitlin Wong
Elizabeth Wortley
Zhe Wu

Rachel Abraham
Haris Achilleos
Mehak Akhtar
Tofi Benson
Mitch Blair
Holly Boyd
Naomi Breese
Michael Brown
Lynn Bryden
Benjamin Cahill
Fisa Canter
Josip Car
Lucy Carr
Harrison Carter
Hilary Cass
Francesca Cleugh
Georgina Corbet Burcher
Mike Coren
Caroline Crehan
Belinda Crowe
Blen Daniel
Colette Datt
Reuben Day Weber
Cherenet Desta
Isha Duraisingam
Gil Ereaut
Mohammad Tahir Fayyaz
Fatou Faye
Caroline Fertleman
Ginette Franklin
Alessandra Glover
Sabrina Hatimy
Jethro Herberg
Rebecca Hewitson
Chad Hockney
Samantha Houghton
Anna Howell
Abhishek Kakkar
Patrick Kane
Eleanor King
Alex Langley
Annette Langseth
Sylvere Magona
Eman Malhas

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